Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 9: Homemade Peppermint Swirled Marshmallows

 Remember when we made these during Halloween?
We're making marshmallows again but with a Christmas twist. Instead of adding vanilla we added peppermint extract & red swirls. Here's how we did it...

Follow the directions from before by clicking here. Once you start whipping the hot sugar mixture with the dissolving gelatin come back here for the rest of the instructions.

While the sugar mixture is whipping for 6-10 minutes add 1/2 Tsp of peppermint extract.

Once the mixture is 2-3X it's size, add the egg whites. Mix gently until the eggs white are incorporated but don't over mix.

Pour marshmallow batter into the baking pan lined with powdered sugar. Place drops of red food coloring over the top. Using a knife swirl the red food coloring around until you get a swirly/ marble look.

Using a pastry brush spread a small layer of powdered sugar on the top. Place the pan uncovered in the fridge for at least 3 hour preferrably overnight.

Use a sharp knife and cut along the edges of the pan. Slowly peel the marshmallows out of the pan.

Cut into squares using a pizza cutter and roll in powdered sugar to get rid of the sticky outsides.

Enjoy these in hot chocolate or give away as gifts. They are so delicious and truly taste like Christmas. Fluffy and light yet sweet with the hint of peppermint. You will look like a rockstar giving these tasty treats to friends and family.


Sarah said...

these look awesome! i know i haven't been commenting, but it has been so fun to have a new treat to look at every day. great idea!

Nancy/The Urge To Preserve said...

This is a new comment on an old post! I found this through Pinterest and it is perfect to go with the hot cocoa mix I'm giving for Christmas. Will be making these up and packaging them tonight, Christmas Eve-Eve. A perfect last minute gift! Thanks for the idea!