Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dynamo Donuts + Coffee

This past Friday we decided to check out Dynamo Donut + Coffee located in the Mission District. We heard about this shop via K's brother C as well as from the Food Network.

We tried two different donuts: Candied Orange Blossom and Apple Bacon Maple Donut. Both of which were amazing!! I know what you're thinking... bacon?! Absolutely! The mixtures of the flavors were amazing. I highly recommend checking this place out!!


Lisa and Mark said...

yeah... a donut with bacon seems weird to me... but then again, i don't like bacon in general, so maybe i'm not one to judge. :)

Bekah and Kyle said...

Lol- i know it sounds crazy right? I'm not one to try out new things but this donut rocked my world:-)

Tim and Amy said...

yum! a friend of mine just made french toast bacon cupcakes last week with cream cheese cinnamon frosting. now i'm craving a sweet and salty dessert!

Bekah and Kyle said...

Wow! That sounds awesome... we might have re-create that!

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