Sunday, November 27, 2011

How we choose recipes

I was looking through old photos of recipes we did not put on the blog and trust me there are a lot of them. It starts off well but at some point the recipe becomes too complicated or the end result is not..well...delish. I thought I'd write a post on how we decide whether or not to post a recipe.
  1. The end result better be worth it
  2. It shouldn't be too complicated
  3. Ingredients should be easy to come by
  4. Did I mention the end result?
We take pride in the recipes we post and we won't just post anything (and I have the pictures to prove it). If you have any recipes you'd like us to post leave a comment or send me an email. We are always looking for good recipes.

PS I'm thinking about doing a 12-days of Cookies post in December. If you have any Christmas cookie recipes you love, please let me know!