Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Favorite Gadgets: Perfect Boiled Eggs

We are creating a new blog post called "Our Favorite Gadgets". I (B) will start us off with one of my favorites.

I know you all will find me ridiculous but I can never consistently get boiled eggs. Sometimes I get them right on the dot, sometimes their still a little mushy. Don't get me wrong, I try all the tricks! I've even tried spinning the egg haha. We'll I love this little gadget called the Egg-Perfect Eggtimer that is just a few dollar but super amazing. You place it in the boiling water with your eggs and it will tell you when they are hard boiled. Love it!


KimWar said...

I love the idea of kitchen gadgets, because I have no idea what to use and you guys have so many good ideas, I am looking forward to hearing what you post. Is this a timer? Or do you put it in the water? Cuz I don't boil eggs often, because I can't get them to work out, but I've only tried once. I know I know, where can I get this?

Bekah said...

It's so great... you place it in the boiling water at the same time you put the eggs in. It will change colors and will tell you when they are fully cooked:-)