Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farm Fresh to You

What could be better than eating freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables locally grown in the Bay Area? Having those locally grown organic fruits and veggies delivered straight to your doorstep! Yep, you've hear me and it truly can't get any better than that!

Farm Fresh To You
is a produce delivery service of hand picked fruits and vegetables delivered fresh from the farm directly to your doorstep. No in betweens. It supports local farmers in the Bay Area and the produce is divine. K and I were introduced to Farm Fresh from our good friend A. You can schedule the delivery to come once a week, once everyother week, or just once a month.

You can also select what type of fruits and vegetables you want delivered. If you see something you're pretty sure you won't eat, swap it out for something you will. For those who love fruits and veggies but doesn't know what to do with cael or eggplant, don't fear, Farm Fresh sends recipes with the delivery so you can try something new.

We absolutely love the produce we receive plus extra bonus that it is organic and we are helping out local farms . Check it out!!


Kelsey Kamauu said...

wow- so when do you get a check for all the publicity you are giving them on your blog...:) seriously you should get credit for such a nice advertisement - So glad you enjoy that yummy fresh food! :)

Bekah & Kyle said...

Haha! I know right?! Or at least a month of free fruit:-) It's alright though... we really love the produce and it's cheaper than going to the store... go figure!